‘Having known Ian Hauser since the mid-80s I can say, without a doubt, that he loves words. In recent years, we have worked together on various publishing projects where he has been the key editor. Whatever the length, he has a good sense of a story’s direction and is fastidious when it comes to the technical elements of writing. You want your editor to pay attention to detail and that is guaranteed with Ian Hauser. Furthermore, I reckon if I looked into his dressing table drawer I’d find a couple of rows of perfectly folded socks lined up with military precision.’

John Harms, author of Play On, The Pearl, Life as I know it and godfather of footyalmanac.com.au.


‘Ian Hauser is a gifted wordsmith in his own right and he did a marvellous job editing my latest manuscript. Not only does he have a mastery of grammar, but he was candid and upfront with great suggestions to improve my work. Ian is experienced, well-qualified and well-read and I can confidently recommend his editing prowess. He also happens to be a good guy, so you can rely on him to be trustworthy, principled, sincere, sensitive and discreet with your material. Good editing is a talent and Ian has it in spades.’

Andy Thurlow, A Singular and Outrageous Blessing: The story of Rolph and Margaret Mayer, Melbourne: Morning Star, 2018


‘As a first time author, I found it intimidating when choosing an editor for my pride and joy. I shouldn’t have been worried! Ian was such a supportive and considered voice, and provided the much needed polish and insights to help bring my book to life. Ian is brilliant with words but, further to that, he is a quality person. Your book is in good hands with him.’

Craig Dodson, A View of Australia from Fine Leg, Brisbane: In House Publications, 2020