writerightediting provides services in all four major aspects of editing, namely:

  • Structural editing – assesses your manuscript and provides feedback about its overall organisation, content, language and flow to fit with its target audience;
  • Line editing – examines language style and usage for purpose, clarity and continuity at chapter, paragraph and sentence levels;
  • Copyediting – scrutinises for technical accuracy (grammar, spelling, punctuation), checks for factual accuracy, and looks for consistency in characters, plot and setting;
  • Proofreading– reviews the final layout copy before it goes to the printer and acts as a quality control process to check for omissions, missing pages, layout and font consistency or any other visual glitches. Some minor editing may also be necessary.



Fees vary depending on the services you require, the size and complexity of the project and the extent of editing required.

To explore a possible collaboration, contact me to discuss your project after which we can canvass estimated costs and timeframes for the project.